AppGameKit - Tier2 Pong Tutorial

Here's the next in our series of AppGameKit Tier2 tutorials. This tutorial steps you throught the creation of the all time classic game Pong!

From this point on, our tutorials will be focused on developing for Windows in Visual Studio. However much of the power of the AppGameKit comes from its ability to make cross platform development easy.


If you’re not working on Windows, all the code should be exactly the same, but you may need to adapt some of the instructions relating to the specific development environment (i.e. Visual Studio specific instructions will be different if you’re working on a Mac in Xcode). To help with this, there are some footnotes and appendices relating to some platform specific sections of the tutorial.

Owners of AppGameKit can download the tutorials from their products page. Steam users will find the files downloaded into a folder called Tutorials in the Tier2 area.

We'll be releasing the next Tier 2 tutorial in two weeks time.