AppGameKit Tier 2 Repository Now Available!

For those of you who want to create your own AppGameKit commands, we have now released the full source code to the Tier 2 libraries, giving you access to the code behind all existing commands, and the ability to create additional commands as required.

We have set up this repository so that any work done to the Tier 2 libraries can be shared with the whole community, and to provide access to the low-level source for developers who need access to the core engine. It is our hope that this resource will allow contributors to expand the programming language going forward, and introduce commands that may not have been on our roadmap, and facilitate collaboration on adding new features quickly.

This repository primarily targets coders with experience in C++ and Visual Studio, who have an interest in learning more about the functions of the language, or who want to participate in adding new commands to the language. We have created a number of Wiki documents which you can find in the repo that walk you through the process of compiling the libraries and creating your own commands, and this should be studied before attempting to use the repository. Users should also be familiar with Git source control which is the primary method of code collaboration, and have experience cloning, checking out, committing and pushing changes.

We have already conducted early tests of the repository, but its still early days and the source code will have a very strong gate-keeping policy at the outset with no write access to the master branch. You will need to clone the repo and add your own commands independent of the master branch until the benefits of the contribution can be assessed.It should be made clear that this is not open source, and the source code remains the property of TheGameCreators, only using GitHub to provide greater access to the heart of AppGameKit.

You can find the AppGameKit Tier 2 Repository on GitHub HERE

(you need a GitHub account to view the repository)