AppGameKit Survey

We currently have a live AppGameKit survey running online. We're keen to learn what our users feel are the most important features and improvements for AppGameKit moving forward.

So far we've had a couple of hundred of your responses and we still want to hear from many more of you. So please help to shape the development choices for this brand by taking a few minutes to fill it in.

AppGameKit 2016 Survey


From the AppGameKit Forums

Here's a great project being made with AppGameKit by user Preben. Using the new 3D commands he's creating a 3D spaceship game and even has terminals that let you play his version of Pacman! Check out his latest video showing his progress to date;


Gallery of Apps

Hopefully many AppGameKit users will manage to complete their projects and take the final plunge and publish their games to an app store. When you manage this great achievement please let the world know about it. One way to broadcast your news is to publish a Gallery entry on the main AppGameKit website


The AppGameKit Team