AppGameKit Studio Particle Editor updated for 2D Apps!

The AppGameKit Studio Particle Editor has now been updated to support particle effects with 2D based apps! This new updated version brings these great new benefits:

  • New functions for displaying particle effects over 2D rendered scenes
  • A precision bug fix for older mobile hardware
  • Exporting to HTML5 is fixed by adding a corresponding shader permutation (see the new gpup_setExport2HTML5(value as integer) function)
  • Imprecise code in the main vertex shader cleaned up
  • Compability issue on older mobile devices fixed

Plus there are several small fixes and cleanups:-) 

If you want an easy way to create and add amazing particle effects to your apps then the AppGameKit Studio Particle Editor is the tool for the job.

Existing owners of the Particle Editor can download this latest version from TheGameCreators servers and Steam users can simply update.