AppGameKit Live Twitch Today @ 4PM BST

For the next few weeks, Lee Bamber will be hosting a 30-minute session on moving your Tier 1 BASIC knowledge over to Tier 2 C++ know-how, and demonstrate this live so you can see how easy the process of becoming a C++ programmer can be. We're doing this to help anyone who has been thinking of doing this generally, but specifically, we have a project being ramped up which will pay any coder £500 to write a small educational app if they can deliver it quickly and to a set quality standard.

As this will be a live event, you are welcome to post your questions during the broadcast and Lee will be happy to answer them. For more information on the opportunity to help us create small educational apps, you can contact Rick Vanner directly at

For those wishing to join in the live session, it's at 4PM BST today, which is Thursday 21st April 2016, and Lee will be sure to post the video once it has been uploaded to YouTube here:

Lee will be using his regular GameGuru twitch channel to host the event, but if there is much demand for more along the same lines, we can set something up specifically dedicated to the world of AppGameKit. Here is the channel, which goes live in under two hours: