AppGameKit Launches Unlimited Bundle

We are pleased to announce a new AppGameKit Unlimited Bundle for all AGK coders out there, designed to allow anyone who has already bought AppGameKit and some DLC to buy the remaining DLC's available at a discount of 25%! If you want to complete your AppGameKit suite, this new initiative by Steam allows you to pick up all the DLC’s you do not already have in your account.  The best part of this new type of Steam bundle, is that it applies its own discount in addition to the discount already present on the existing DLC products, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to get your hands on everything ever released for AppGameKit.

For those buying AppGameKit for the 1st time, this Unlimited Bundle gives you the chance to get all our products in one discounted purchase. If we release future DLC’s you can then just buy those additional DLC’s, again at a discount. To go directly to the bundle page, just click this link:

We have also made a slight name change to our existing bundle products to distinguish them from the individual DLCs. For consistency, we now call a DLC item a Pack, and a collection of items a Bundle. We plan to keep this naming for future DLCs and Bundles, so watch this space for new DLC packs in the future, including a Font Pack and 3D Asset Pack.  If you want to see more Packs, please contact us via Live Agent support and let us know what Pack types you would like to see in the future.