AppGameKit Studio 2024.04.10 update released!

We are pleased to be able to bring you a much-anticipated update to AppGameKit Studio, built directly from the newly released GitHub repository to which EVERYONE now has access.  The source code is the latest version and you are free to fork a clone of the repo and make any additions and changes you wish.

The update we have released today takes care of the imminent update to Apple rules on the minimum API requirement for submitting to the Apple App Store, which means you can continue to export iOS binaries to the Apple Dev Portal.  If you spot any issues with this update, please report it on our new issues board and we will be here to help.

If you find that you have auto updated to this latest update and, for whatever reason, need to go back to the last version, you can do so easily via the Steam client product properties Beta tab and select the last most recent build date. If you are new to AppGameKit Studio, you can find out more about this easy-to-use programming language by visiting our Steam page: