AppGameKit Classic to be retired

Over ten years ago we created a programming tool called AppGameKit Classic to help make apps and games for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android - using a cross-platform easy-to-use language. Along the way, we have seen some amazing creations, including a few of our own that reached the No.1 spot on both Apple and Google stores.  Our most recent success story has been the Driving Test Success 4in1 Theory Kit app, which has maintained the #1 place for six years running on both stores; a testament to the power of AppGameKit!

All good things however must come to an end and, after a decade of providing support and updates, we must retire AppGameKit Classic to make way for its successor AppGameKit Studio.

On Wednesday 22 May 2024 we'll be removing AppGameKit Classic from sale on Steam and focus all remaining development resources on supporting AppGameKit Studio, with quarterly updates and more frequent commits on the newly created GitHub repository here.

For those who are firmly of the belief that AppGameKit Classic is the ultimate solution for your needs, fear not, you will still be able to run the product, even though it will no longer receive updates or be sold on Steam.  Your existing Steam version is not DRM-linked to your Steam account and you can run AppGameKit Classic from its local location in the Steam folder and from a Desktop icon, and you can continue to use the programming language to make apps and games. The only issue you will face is that as newer requirements are imposed by Apple and Google, and to a lesser extent Microsoft, you will find it increasingly difficult for the binaries you export to be accepted onto the app stores and marketplaces of the future.

If you choose to transition your projects over to AppGameKit Studio, and to recognise the support you have shown AppGameKit Classic over the years, we are offering a special discount via a Steam complete-the-bundle offer if you own Classic and want to buy Studio:

AppGameKit Studio retains the same great solution of Tier 1 (BASIC) and Tier 2 (C++) and powered by a new IDE, more features and a faster compiler, we have strengthened support for AppGameKit Studio by adding all the source code and build instructions to GitHub for those who wish to expand the language further, and we continue our pledge to support AppGameKit Studio with updates into the future.

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who used AppGameKit Classic over the years, and we hope to greet you anew over in AppGameKit Studio land and continue to help you create cross-platform apps!