AppGameKit - Sound Library


Give your games a boost with these high quality, royalty free sounds. From clashing swords for RPG adventures to lazer blasts for sci-fi games. There are hundreds of sounds for you to tap into when you're making your next great game.

This Sound DLC is packed with high quality sounds, supplied in wav file format in both stereo and mono formats.

The pack is categorised as follows:

  • Actions x 30

  • Blade Combat x 30

  • Buttons x 30

  • Doors, Drawers, Locks x 30

  • Environments x 30

  • Explosions x 10

  • Guns x 30

  • Movement x 30

  • Pickups x 30

  • Vehicles x 30

  • Spells & Potions x 30

  • Misc x 30

  • Bonus Spring Pack x 30

  • Christmas Theme Sounds x 30

A total of 400 unique sound effects!

Here's a full breakdown of all the great sounds included the pack: