AppGameKit Giant Asset Pack 1

This Giant Asset pack for App Game Kit contains over 500 sprites, sprite sheets and sprite construction sets providing more than 2,000 individual action orientated sprites. Expand your 2D collection and add that extra spark to your games with this great assets pack. This DLC is complete with a number of code demonstrations showcasing the sprites, making this pack a must-have for all budding developers.

Here's a breakdown of the different themes the pack covers

A total of over 2,000 individual sprites ready for your games including:

  • Asteroids – 47 sprites and animated sprite sheets
  • Bats and Ball – Sprite sheet containing 40 sprites for that "famous" game.
  • Explosions and Fire – over 200 explosive sprites and sprite sheets
  • GUI – Over 100 buttons for great looking interfaces.
  • Pickups – Alien pickup sprites
  • Soccer – 550 sprites for all top-down your soccer needs
  • Space Construction sets – Create millions of stars and planets from over 200 sprites.
  • Spaceship construction – over 300 individual sprites which combine into millions of ship variants
  • Starship – 52 ready made starships
  • Tank Construction Kit – more than 160 tanks parts to build a huge number of variations.
  • Vehicles – Sprite sheets featuring 72 variations.

The pack will effortlessly install onto your system and can used quickly into your games or combined and edited using 3rd party image software to create millions of variations.

All the assets in Giant Assets Pack 1 are royalty free, meaning any game you make with them can be legally sold by you.