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Get introduced to AppGameKit Studio and discover what this product is all about. Click here to view the Introduction.

Vulkan & OpenGL

Learn about the Vulkan and OpenGL rendering engines built into AppGameKit Studio, click here to read this section.


The purpose of this section of the help is to teach you how to write your own programs using the AppGameKit script language (otherwise known as Tier 1). Click here to view the Principles section.


This is a reference guide covering the AppGameKit script language (Tier 1). Click here to view it.


Detailed guides are available here that cover areas such as sprites, sound, text, input, and lots more! Click here to view the Guides.


AppGameKit Studio comes with a vast array of example programs that will help you discover how to do things such as displaying a sprite on screen and playing with physics. Click here to view the Examples.


There are several hundred commands included within AppGameKit Studio. This area of the documentation contains listings for all of these commands. Click here to view the Commands.

Image Joiner

This covers a small utility called the image joiner. It's used for combining many 2D images into one image for sprite sheets. Click here to learn more.


Important information relating to the distribution of games and apps made in AppGameKit Studio. Click here to view the Distribution section.