EduGuru Maths

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Category: Educational
Availability: Released
* Developed and built to fully support the UK National Curriculum
* Designed to help children learn outside of the classroom
* Helps stimulate children’s imagination and make learning an open-ended fun activity
* No third party links or advertising
* Allows children to learn and explore in a safe and secure environment
* Produced in collaboration with UK teachers and schools

EduGuru Maths is aimed perfectly at 3-5 year olds and gives them a balance of teaching and instruction, with cute animations, to help develop their basic maths skills including:

+ Addition
- Subtraction
x Multiplication
÷ Division

EduGuru Maths gives children a fun-learning jumpstart on the formal maths teaching that starts in school and compliments the simple math skills that parents can introduce through their daily routines. The animations are fun and the variety of quick activities ensure children will be entertained while learning!


* Counting 1-10-20 (Cosmic Counting, Meadow Maths)
* Number recognition and ordering (Cosmic Counting)
* Addition and subtraction (Meadow Maths)
* Matching, doubling, halving and sharing (Space Solver)
* UK/English coins, money and values (Money Pig)
* Minutes and hours (Captain Clock)
* Telling the time (Captain Clock)
* Patterns, shapes and sequences (Cosmic Counting, Shape Sort, Match Up)
* Colours (Shape Sort, Match Up)
* Size, weight, distance and position (Fishing Fun, Match Up)

Importantly, as children progress through the games, they are rewarded and motivated to continue learning with EduGuru trophies and medals.

EduGuru Maths contains no third party links or advertising, allowing children to learn and explore (either with or without their parents, depending on their age) in a safe and secure environment.

EduGuru Maths is available as a FREE download with in-app purchases that are clearly explained, or a paid-for app.

EduGuru Maths is the first in a series of educational apps, developed and built to fully support the UK National Curriculum. EduGuru Apps for English, Science and Art will be available shortly. They are all designed to help children learn outside of the classroom, stimulate their imagination and make learning an open-ended fun activity.

EduGuru has been designed in close collaboration with teachers and schools, and follows and fully supports the UK National Curriculum. This means that parents can be sure that children playing EduGuru Apps are experiencing and practising learning skills in accordance with the recommendations of early childhood experts.

Cute and basic animations guide children through the key topics in the Early Years Foundation Stage, which sets the standards for the learning, development and care of pre-school children in England; the Foundation Phase in Wales; and the Early Years Foundation in Scotland.