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Not just your standard slots game... one with much more fun, caveman\girl and dinosaurs - great theme\game play and animations.

Will you be wiped out with the asteroids, rockfall or tornado.... will you crack a barrel and win lots of badges, which can be exchanged for more coins.

Want to be the worlds #1, then don't be a donkey and visit the shop and top-up with the superb offers!.

Become a serious player! On screen ranking and stats give you everything you need to get the job done and pass the 'buck' to someone else!

Choose your Avatar and give them a name. Any win line with your Avatar gives you a coin bonus!

Superb playing controls, bet increase\decrease, auto-spin, nudges. Two or more on the two win lines will increase your coins and sometimes gems.... and much more!

Watch out for the asteroids.... will you have enough coins to surrive.... will the dinosaurs become extinct once more.... will the tornado catch you out, or will it be the rockfall?

Cash in on a barrel with either badges (sometimes coins) as a reward. Earn badges and cash them in for more coins when you're low.

Be rewarded with Gems and progress steadily up the ranking and become #1 !

The further you progress levels, the longer they take and the more coins needed. Ranking is updated at intervals, so you'll always know the progress you've made... or if you're that last place donkey!

No coins left? Don't worry, simply watch a promotional video and receive a small top-up.

Start off slowly, don't be greedy and work your way up. Remember, win big, lose big!

Someone out there will be the donkey.... don't let it be you!