AppGameKit Educational Materials Expanded
The AppGameKit Educational bundle has been expanded and now feature three new game tutorials. Teachers can now help students learn about the gaming logic to three classic games - Pong, Tanks and Reversi.
AppGameKit Tier 2 Guide updated to Visual Studio 2017
The official AppGameKit Tier2 guide has been updated to show it's use in combination with the new Visual Studio Community 2017. Existing users will find the new version available to them right now.
AppGameKit Plug-in Support for Mac & Linux!
Less than a month ago we released Plugin support for Windows. We're now happy to announce that this latest version of AppGameKit brings the same great Plugin support to the Mac and Linux platforms.
Reward Video commands now added to AppGameKit!

Today we're releasing AppGameKit V2017.4.11. New in this free update are reward videos, there's some new camera related commands and a host of fixes.

Here are the full details;