Game Development World Championship & AppGameKit

The Game Development World Championships (GDWC) are back for 2017 and The Game Creators are delighted to be partnering with them to create a special award category for all games built in AppGameKit.


AppGameKit: New Sounds Library DLC now available

The Game Creators today released the Sounds Library for AppGameKit – the DLC adds yet another dimension to the already successful development engine.

AppGameKit Version 2017.02.28 Released!

This new version of AppGameKit brings many fixes and updates. We have also changed to a new, more automated build system for creating versions.


AppGameKit News

There's a lot happening in the AppGameKit community with new and free learning resources being published, user games being released and community badges to be earned.


New AppGameKit Tutorials & Guides

We've added some easy to follow video tutorials to YouTube this month. They are designed to ease new users into learning AppGameKit. The first few start you off with loading some image files and making them into a sprite. Once you've got the hang of those you can follow the step-by-step process of making a simple shooter game: