Reward Video commands now added to AppGameKit!

Today we're releasing AppGameKit V2017.4.11. New in this free update are reward videos, there's some new camera related commands and a host of fixes.

Here are the full details;

New Commands

  • Added reward video ads for both AdMob and Chartbost to Android and iOS
  • Added SetCameraOffCenter and SetCameraBounds commands to set an off center projection matrix


  • Fixed projects with spaces or special characters in the name failing to broadcast to Android
  • Fixed projects with spaces or special characters in the name failing to debug on Windows and Linux
  • Fixed SetEditBoxMaxChars on Android being off by one
  • Fixed Android HTTP connections using SSL failing if multiple requests were made before closing the connection
  • Fixed FacebookGetFriends sometimes failing on Android
  • Fixed CloseNetwork freezing the app if it is still trying to connect
  • Fixed edit boxes not clipping text properly
  • Fixed DrawBox being off by one pixel in the X direction when drawing filled boxes, boxes will now be one pixel bigger in the X direction to match the Y size
  • Fixed DrawLine being off by one in the Y direction when drawing horizontal lines
  • Fixed SetObject3DPhysicsCanSleep not being able to re-enable sleeping after disabling it
  • Fixed Windows XP failing to run the latest AGK apps
  • Fixed StopAllSounds and StopSound sometimes failing to stop a looping sound on Android
  • Fixed missing help file for GetInAppPurchaseSignature

The recently released Plug-in system will soon be coming to Mac and Linux platforms.