AppGameKit Version 2018.05.24 Released!

AppGameKit Version 2018.05.24

Here's a new maintenance version of AppGameKit bringing you important fixes and a few new additions. 



  • Fixed short touch events near the top and bottom of the screen on iOS 11 not registering as a pointer event
  • Fixed SetSpeechLangauge causing a crash on iOS

2D Animation

  • Fixed Spriter files causing a corrupt animation if the bones are out of order
  • Spriter import now supports bone hierarchy changes during animation, however tweening between two animations with different hierarchies will cause momentary distortion


  • Fixed DeleteFont crashing if LoadFont failed to load the font


  • Fixed 3D animations becoming corrupt if a bone didn't have a keyframe near the animation end time
  • Fixed transparency mode 2 (additive) on 3D objects not working properly with fog turned on
  • Fixed objects or terrains with over 65536 vertices per mesh causing a crash on iOS, and invalid polygons on other platforms


  • Fixed setting the sprite shape to circle after SetSpriteScale causing the shape to be the incorrect size
  • Fixed using the sprite shape commands to change an individual shape causing the other shapes to be deleted



  • Fixed RequestPermission generating a permission not found error
  • Fixed Ouya export causing an error when trying to load the Ouya image
  • Added more DirectInput device types to list of recognised devices that can be used as AGK joysticks, e.g. flight controllers
  • Fixed GetDeviceID on Windows sometimes returning different values for the same device