AppGameKit V2018.11.08 Released!

Today we've released a new version of AppGameKit that brings updated support for the latest version of the Mac (10.14) and some exciting new 3D commands and rendering speed improvements that have been coded and supplied by community member Preben Eriksen.

Read about the full set of changes here;

  • Added new SetObject commands:
    • SetObjectAlpha
    • GetObjectColorRed
    • GetObjectColorGreen
    • GetObjectColorBlue
    • GetObjectAlpha
  • Upgraded Mac apps to GLFW 3.2.1 to support MacOS 10.14
  • Added the extra keyboard key support to Mac apps
  • Fixed iOS Tier 2 projects for XCode 10
  • Minimum supported version of iOS is now 8.0 due to Apple changes
  • Added documentation for clipboard commands
  • Fixed GetClipboardText on Android failing to get the text on some devices
  • Added password field for ExtractZip (courtesy of Preben)
  • New command CreateObjectFromRawHeightMap added for support of .raw and .dat 16-bit height maps (courtesy of Preben)
  • Added mesh visibility and collision commands SetObjectMeshVisible and SetObjectMeshCollisionMode (courtesy of Preben)
  • Added GetObjectTextureName and GetObjectNumTextures command to read object texture names from object file (courtesy of Preben)
  • Improved drawing performance of objects when they are not visible or there are no lights (courtesy of Preben)
  • Improved sorting performance for transparent 3D objects

For existing owners this new version is now live on Steam and available to download from TheGameCreators servers.