AppGameKit Official Tutorial Vol 1 updated!

Today we have released an update to The Official AppGameKit Tutorial Guide Vol 1. 

The main changes and improvements are in these areas:

  • Strings & Maths: Added new string and maths commands
  • Arrays: Added new sort() option for arrays
  • Files: Added the new raw folder commands and raw option in existing functions
  • Multimedia: Added text-to-speech and screen record functions
  • User Input-1: Updated description of virtual buttons
  • Advanced Sprites: Added details of using multiple bounding areas for a sprite
  • Screen Handling: Added SetImmersiveMode() description
  • User Input - 2: Added demo on using clipboard text
  • Extras: This is a new chapter. Each time the book is updated, a new topic will be added to this chapter. The first topic is how to use sprite-based lines (created in an earlier chapter) to produce a Bezier curve and creates a library of Bezier functions for use in future projects.  The demo project allows a Bezier curve to be adjusted in real time

TheGameCreators Owners of The Official AppGameKit Tutorial Guide Vol 1 can download this new version from the Products Page and Steam owners will get their version auto updated the next time they run AppGameKit.

The Guide is currently on offer so it's a great time to add this to your AppGameKit collection: