AppGameKit Educational Materials Gets 3 New Games!

The AppGameKit Educational bundle has been expanded once more with three new game tutorials to help students get started in game programming. The three new games are Lunar Buggy, Mars Lander and Meteor Dash.


Lunar Buggy

This side scrolling action game has a played controlled car that has to avoid being shot at by AI controlled UFO's, bounce over holes in the terrain and either blast rocks in it's path or jump over them. The game illustrates a variety of game logic.


Mars Lander

In this game the payer has to safely manoeuvre the space ship landing craft onto the planet surface. Using some maths to control the gravitational pull on the space ship, the tutorial touches on more interesting ways to create a game with a different control logic.


Meteor Dash

The player is flying through an endless meteor storm and has to blast any rocks that could hit the ship and cause it damage. In this tutorial we have introduced 3D objects for the first time.


These projects prove once again that AppGameKit is an easy, quick and powerful programming solution.

Exiting owners of the Educational packs just need to re-download the tutorials zip file to gain access to these three new games.