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Try out AGK for FREE and experience a faster way to make apps across multiple platforms. The free trial includes a fully functional Windows IDE which produces water-marked Windows executables. The trial also includes water-marked libraries for coding in Tier 2 using Visual Studio C++. We have provided over 30 examples demonstrating the various features of AGK, including Sprites, Physics, Multiplayer and even a few complete games!

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Direct Download

Download the AGK trial directly: http://files.thegamecreators.com/agk/AppGameKitTrial.zip

Download the AGK trial for Pascal: http://files.thegamecreators.com/agk/AgkPasTrial.zip

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Player Apps

Player apps run on your target devices. When you broadcast an app from the IDE the player app will sync and download the app and run it on your device over the WiFi network, allowing you to instantly test your code.

Windows Player

Installed with AGK2, find it located here;

.../App Game Kit 2/Players/Windows/Windows.exe

Android 2.3

Installed with AGK2 here;

.../App Game Kit 2/Players/Android/AGK Player 2.apk

You can also download it direct from;

Download from Google Play
Download from Amazon


Unfortunately Apple will not let us upload the AGK Player to the Apple App Store. You will need to compile the interpreter ios project yourself with XCode.

If you are using the Mac IDE you can export the AGK player using the "Tools->iOS->Export AGK Player" menu option, you will need to create a bundle ID and provisioning profile for it on your Apple developer account, but the bundle ID can be anything you like.


Installed with AGK2, find it located here;

.../App Game Kit 2/Players/Mac/AGK Player 2.app.zip


Download from the BlackBerry App World:

Download from BlackBerry World