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Q What 3D model formats does App Game Kit 2 currently support when loading / importing models?

A AGK makes use of the Open Asset Import Library for 3D model loading (assimp.sourceforge.net) with the following 3D file formats enabled; .X .3ds .md3 .smd .md5 .lwo. .ac .b3d .dae .3d .lws .ms3d .blend .m3, and .OBJ, primarily we target the .X format with our own models so that has received the most testing.

Q Does the latest update support the Amazon fire remote as well as the main game controller?

A Yes we have been quick to add that support.

Q Does the new IDE support Version Control?

A We have no plans to support this but the IDE does support plugins which someone may use to support it.

Q How much control do I have over the rendering pipeline?

A You can call Sync() in your game loop and all sprites or objects you have created will be drawn for you, standard behaviour. But you can also have complete control over how and when rendering takes place with the DrawSprite() and DrawObject() commands. You can also set the render target before you draw objects and sprites with the command SetRenderToImage(). Combine all this with object and sprite shaders and almost anything is possible.

Q Can I change the IDE colour scheme?

A Yes, you can change the syntax highlighting from the View Menu and the Change Colour Scheme option. For the more advanced users you can change the entire IDE color scheme by reading the file "Tier 1\Editor\Changing IDE Theme.txt"

Q What platforms can I develop on?

A You can code on PC, Mac or Linux.

Q What platforms does it support?

A AGK2 can currently deploy to iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac, Linux and Windows.

Q What languages can I use or What language is it?

A We use the structure of BASIC which is very easy for anyone to pick up and start coding. You can also use the libraries in C++ and XCode if you are a more seasoned developer.

Q Does IDE support intellisence?

A Yes, as you type commands it will show you a list and also help with command parameters.

Q Can I sell my game?

A Yes, there are no extra license fees or restrictions.

Q Do you support Linux?

A Yes, AppGameKit works on PC, Mac and Linux

Q Does AppGameKit do 3D?

A It sure does! There are a set of 3D commands in the current version and we're building more commands now for animated 3D, terrains and more!

Q What are the minimum specs I need to run AGKv2?

A You can view all the min and rec specs here; http://www.thegamecreators.com/?m=view_product&id=2371

Q Can I make YouTube videos and tutorials and sell them?

A Yes we would like to see many YouTubers make demos and tutorials to help others become app developers.

Q Can I extend the language with my own plugins?

A At present you cannot do that with the Tier 1 BASIC script. We are planning to add an extension system in the near future. If you use C++ then you can easily mix AGK library calls with your own.

Q Can I create a platformer with it?

A Yes indeed! You will still need to do some serious coding to get this type of game up and running but it's very possible.

Q Does it have shader support?

A Yes, we currently target OpenGL 2.0 on Windows and Mac and OpenGL ES 2 on mobile devices, so any shaders that run on those platforms should work. Shaders can be applied to 2D sprites or 3D objects and we have a special Quad object for using full screen post process shaders.

Q Is it possible to make an APK file within AGK2 on the mac? and an Android keystore file?

A Yes, you can export to an Android APK from your Mac in the File->Export Project menu option, and generate a keystore file in the Tools->Android menu option.

Q How are 3D worlds are built/loaded

A You will need to design your 3D world in a suitable modelling program, such as Blender, and export it as .X (or one of the other supported formats). You can then load it into your AGK application with LoadObject( "filename.X" ), or LoadObjectWithChildren( "filename.X" ) for animated objects.

Q Will there ever be a plugin to integrate Lua into tier 1 and tier 2?

A We currently have no plans to add Lua support.

Q Will it include a matrix/terrain command set? Such as those found in DB/DBP ?

A We plan to expand the 3D commands in future which will include some kind of terrain commands.

Q I don't have wifi on my main machine, how do I deploy my games on my phone if broadcast is unavailable?

A You would have to create a build and test it on Windows or the Mac. You can also make a build and install it onto the device (eg make an apk for Android).

Q Is it possible to create locally hosted or even cloud hosted multiplayer games for mobile or pc/mac?

A Please check out the multiplayer example included with AppGameKit, it will create a local network game. If you use IP addresses instead of network names then it will work across the internet, provided the host has a port forwarded through its router, or is directly connectable.

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