Tier 1 (BASIC) Publishing for Mac

You will find that when using the Mac AGK IDE, applications are automatically created in the project folder that holds the project files, so there is no need for a separate build process here. Simply zip the .app file to easily transport your application. There is no need to include the media folder in this case as it is included in the .app file.

Signing Your Own Mac Application

To self-publish your Tier 1 BASIC application on the Mac Store, you will need to build your own Mac application in XCode, and for this you will need a Mac Developer account. Apple requires that all applications submitted to the Mac Store be signed with a special certificate that is granted to you as a developer. For more information on how to sign up to be an Apple developer, and obtain your developer certificate, visit the Apple Mac developer website. Once you have registered with Apple, and you have configured your Mac with XCode, the required Mac SDK libraries, and your keychain certificate you will be ready to proceed.

To make the process as simple as possible, we have provided the source code to the AGK Player for Mac so you don't have to do any actual Tier 2 C++ coding. It's simply a case of adding a few resource files, specifying your developer certificate in the project settings and compiling a new release application.

Follow these steps to build your own application on the Mac:

From this point you can further modify the application to prepare it for submission to the Mac Store. This will involve editing the .plist file found in the Resources area, and specifying your certificate in the 'Code Signing' section of the build settings. Once you are ready you can the Archive and sign your app using XCode for submission to the Mac app store.