Importing Spine Files

Spine covers a few file formats that each have their own restrictions when importing them into AGK as not everything is supported. This document will list the things you should be aware of when dealing with Spine and AGK.

Atlas Files

Spine allows you to export your textures as an atlas file which combines the images used in your animation into a single image file. This is accompanied by a file with the extension .atlas which is similar to AGK's subimages.txt file. This is the easiest way to assign your images to a skeleton in AGK so exporting an atlas texture is highly recommended. The ability to load .atlas files has been added to AGK for version 2, so you may choose subimages.txt or .atlas to describe the sub images, subject to the following conditions.


Spine supports exporting multiple skins with the same skeleton file. AGK does not support this and will only load at the default skin. We are hoping to support changing the atlas texture at runtime in the future.

Spine allows the attaching of bounding boxes to slots, currently AGK does not support this.