Adjusts the UV coordinates of the sprite to create a border that moves the edge of the sprite inwards, away from the edge of the image applied to it. This can be useful for sub images loaded from an atlas texture where images might be packed very closely together. Using a border makes sure that the sprite doesn't accidentally sample from a neighbouring image, you could also fix this by adding space between the images on an atlas texture. By default a sprite uses a border of 0.5 pixels when its image is a sub image, and a border of 0 pixels when its has a normal image. If you have compensated for this yourself by adding spacing to the atlas image then setting the border to 0 removes the default offset and creates a pixel perfect reproduction of the sub image. You may also increase this border by setting the border greater than 0.5 pixels.


SetSpriteUVBorder( iSpriteIndex, border )