Adds a new shape to the sprite, in addition to any it already has. These additional shapes only apply to physics sprites and must be added after a sprite has been set to use physics.

The polygon is defined by a set of points (between 2 and 12) relative to the current sprite's offset. For example, a point of 0,0 would be centered on the sprite's offset point, any other value will be offset from this point. Points are defined one at a time by calling this command multiple times, with index starting at 0. Once the index equals numPoints-1 then the shape will be created using the previously defined points. Once you start defining points you must complete the process by reaching index=numPoints-1 before defining points for any other shape.

This will recalculate the sprite's mass and center of mass values.


AddSpriteShapePolygon( iSpriteIndex, numPoints, index, x, y )