Sets which orientations the AGK will allow the app to rotate to. There are two portrait and two landscape orientations, one for the right way up and the other for upside down. On platforms that can't rotate, like Windows or Mac, this command has no effect and the app will always be drawn right way up.

A value of 1 for each orientation will determine if the app will rotate when the device is held in that orientation. A value of 0 will keep the app at its last valid orientation.

Note that if the device is currently in a disallowed orientation then AGK will attempt to rotate the device into an allowed orientation, however this is not guaranteed to happen immediately. So, for example, if you need the device to be in landscape and you call this command with only landscape allowed, you should then wait for GetDeviceWidth to return greater than GetDeviceHeight which will signal that the device is now in landscape.


SetOrientationAllowed( portrait, portrait2, landscape, landscape2 )