Removes any on screen controls that may have been placed on screen by the OS, for example the home and back buttons, allowing your app to use the entire screen. Your app may be resized after calling this command so if you have used GetDeviceWidth or GetDeviceHeight you should wait a few frames then call them again to get the new values. The values may not change immediately after calling this command as it takes some time for the navigation bar to change. Sometimes the OS will turn off immersive mode without warning, for example if the volume buttons are pressed. When this happens your app will return to its non-immersive mode size to prevent any part of the app being hidden by the nav bar, which could make some parts of the app inaccessible to touch events. You can detect this change by checking GetDeviceWidth and GetDeviceHeight at regular intervals, and use SetImmersiveMode again to request a return to immersive mode.

Currently this only applies to Android devices running 4.4 (API 19) or higher. On other platforms this command does nothing.


SetImmersiveMode( mode )