When using cascade shadow maps (SetShadowMappingMode 3), this command sets the range that each cascade map will cover. In total there are 4 cascade shadow maps, the fourth one always covers the entire shadowed area (cascade4 = 1.0), by default the third cascade covers half the shadowed area (cascade3 = 0.5), the second cascade covers a quarter of the shadowed area (cascade2 = 0.25), and the first cascade covers one eighth of the shadowed area (cascade1 = 0.125). Since all the cascade shadow maps use the same resolution, the smaller the area it covers the greater the shadow detail will be in that area. The cascade shadow maps are ordered so that the smallest one is closest to the camera, and the largest is the furthest away. In this way the shadows close to the camera should have high detail whilst the ones furthest away, which area less noticeable, will have lower detail. Note that whilst using a smaller area for a particular cascade will increase the shadow quality, it will reduce the area which that cascade covers, so shadow quality will drop to the next level sooner as the distance from the camera increases.

Cascade levels must be in the range 0.0 to 1.0, and each level must be greater than the previous level, i.e. cascade2 must be greater than cascade1, and so on. If these rules are broken then this command will do nothing.


SetShadowCascadeValues( cascade1, cascade2, cascade3 )