Sets the rotation of the specified camera using euler angles in degrees. Alternatively you can use SetCameraRotationQuat to use a quaternion. By default cameras are created with the angles 0,0,0 in the order YXZ. Euler angles are compound angles where the camera starts at 0,0,0 and is then rotated using the given Y angle, then by the given X angle, then rolled by the given Z angle. Each 3D rotation can be represented by 2 Euler angle combinations, Y,X,Z and Y-180,X-180,Z-180 so either version may be returned by the GetCameraAngle commands. Quaternions and Euler angles can both be used at the same time. For example setting an Euler angle rotation will generate a quaternion representation that can be retrieved with GetCameraQuatX, etc.


SetCameraRotation( cameraID, angx, angy, angz )