This command does the same as ObjectSphereCast but over multiple iterations to produce a slide point for use in sliding collisions. It produces a slide point that is checked again to make sure this new point does not collide with any objects. This produces another point, which must be checked and so on. ObjectSphereSlide uses a maximum of three iterations to finalize a point that will keep the sphere outside all objects checked. The command GetObjectRayCastNumHits can be used to get the number of iterations used by this command. Details of the collision point, normal, and slide point for each iteration are also available using collision indices 1 to 3 i.e. GetObjectRayCastX(1) (2) or (3). The final collision point, normal and slide point are in index 0, i.e. GetObjectRayCastSlideX(0).


integer ObjectSphereSlide( objID, oldx, oldy, oldz, newx, newy, newz, radius )