Loads an object from a file, currently supported formats are .X .FBX .dae (collada) .3ds .md3 .smd .md5 .lwo .ac .b3d .dae .3d .lws .ms3d .blend .obj and .ago. If the model file contains a bone hierarchy or animation data then this will also be loaded and associated with the object. Note that objects with more than 50 bones may fail to render on some old devices. AGK has a limit of 200 bones. If the model file contains a scene graph containing multiple objects then these will also be loaded and stored in separate objects which can be discovered with GetObjectNumChildren. If you just want to load a single object without any bones, animation, or children then use LoadObject instead. Returns an ID you can use to reference this object in other commands.


integer LoadObjectWithChildren( szFilename )

LoadObjectWithChildren( objID, szFilename )