Gets the number of child objects that were loaded as a result of loading this object. For example a bone animated character object may have a gun model attached to the bone representing its hand, this gun model would be loaded as a separate object and given its own ID, which you can manipulate separately from the main object. You can even detach the gun from the hand with FixObjectToBone(ID,0) to make it a normal object that will not move when the character moves. It will however always remain in this list of children, for reference, and will get deleted if DeleteObjectWithChildren is called on the character object. For those of you that are familiar with DarkBasic, objects that contained limbs in DarkBasic would be loaded as child objects in AGK. However there is no hierarchy in the child objects, they would not have children of their own. Instead a bone structure is created in the root object that represents the limb hierarchy, and the child objects are attached to the appropriate bones.


integer GetObjectNumChildren( objID )