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Welcome to the AGK snippets library. Small samples of code that show how easy coding in AGK can be. These small code samples are created by our community of users. If you would like to contribute, please submit your idea here.

AGK Forum


Choosing an image from a device's image library

Grabbing an image from a device's camera

Box 2D Physics

Controlling sprites with Box 2D Physics


Particle Effects

User Input

Reading the Accelerometer

Point Sprite at the Mouse X,Y Position

Adding a virtual joystick and button

Ultrabook Sensors

Social Media and the Web

Facebook login

HTTP Commands

Adverts & Linking

Adding Adverts

Hyperlinking to a web page

Device Issues

Time and Date Values

Sizing your app to the size of the device


Testing for the Android Back button


3D Gun Turret

Bitesize Tutorials

Lesson One - The AGK World

Lesson Two - An introduction to AGK Physics

Lesson Three - Let's get Physical